All-in-one Practice Management, Food Diary & Nutrition Software

Serenly is designed to help Dietitians, Nutritionists and Doctors collect, track and analyse physical activity and food behaviour of patients in real-time

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Simple. Safe. Secure.

The first professional tool for nutritionists and dietitians designed to educate patients about their health and keep track of the progress

  • Easily store and record all the updates in one place
  • Find relevant documents for all your patients in one click
  • Measure improvements and track progress over time
  • Speed-up your workflow and improve outcomes
A long list of features, benefits and advantages you get when you use Serenly

Here is what you can do with Serenly

Scheduling, Calendar & Appointments Reminder
Virtual / Remote Care
EHR (Electornic Health Record)
Patients Messaging
Patients Education
White Labeled
Food Diary App for iPhones and Androids
Manage a Team of Professionals
Simplify Your Job
Access It Everywhere
Manage Patients
Save Time & Increase Revenue
Create Your Recipes or Use Our Database
Send Feedback
Secure & Confidential
Work Online & Offline
And the list goes on

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Growing Ideas


Defining the problem

For nutritionists and dietitians, it’s a constant challenge to educate patients about health and keep track of the progress. Mainly because there is no professional tool to do so.

Everything is still written down on paper and manually recorded after each visit on multiple generic softwares, like Excel and Word.


Go paperless

We built a tool to make engaging with your patients a lot easier and faster.

When it comes to personal care and health, we believe that being organised and having quick and easy access to medical records and history is essential.

Growing Ideas
Growing Ideas


Much more than just a Food Diary app

Take better care of your patients by recommending recipes, interesting articles, commenting on food diary and guidance, tailored to each individual needs.

Analyse, track and store physical activity and food behaviour of your patients instantly and easily, like never before.

Built by professionals for professionals

Achieve more by doing less with Serenly

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